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We live in a complex world. Being human is messy.

Global health and wellbeing challenges need new ways of thinking.  

Design for Health offers a fresh perspective for those wanting to improve health service delivery, service structures, products, and interventions. It draws on creative, human-centred approaches to better understand the complex contexts surrounding health and wellbeing and generate future health solutions that address the needs of the end-user. 

The Design for Health Bootcamp will help you apply creative and collaborative skills and approaches to lead change in the health and wellbeing space. You will learn different ways of identifying health and wellbeing problems within your workplace and prototype experience-driven solutions using a variety of design-led approaches. You will use empathy to guide you through a playful, curious and meaningful design collaboration that lead to improved health experiences and outcomes.  


Not your usual design thinking workshop.

We are a team of Design for Health experts with experience in public and community care sectors. Our bootcamp will help you apply creative tools and methods to tackle health-related challenges faced by communities, NGOs, and public and private healthcare organisations.  

By the end of this interactive and immersive 2-day bootcamp, you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the value of design in health

  • Challenge existing assumptions and reframe your point of view

  • Learn tools and methods to empathise with end-users

  • Gain confidence using creative methods

  • Give form to your ideas for effective communication

  • Rapid prototype to test and develop innovative solutions

  • Understand the value of collaboration in Design for Health projects

  • Experience design processes through co-designing solutions to health and wellbeing challenges

  • Explore design technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this bootcamp for?

Anyone who is interested in how design and collaboration can help create solutions for the health and wellbeing. These include but are not limited to:

  • Health professionals

  • Healthcare providers and executives

  • Educators

  • Community-based organisations/NGOs

  • Innovation teams

  • Business leaders in healthcare

  • Students and trainees

How much does it cost?

The cost of the 2-day bootcamp is $1786 per person (incl. GST).
Early bird prices available for $1487 per person (incl. GST) for a limited time.

Group rates are available. Email goodhealthdesign@aut.ac.nz for more information.

The bootcamp will include:

  • A 2-day immersive and interactive experience 

  • Materials and supplies

  • A take home guide

  • Refreshments and snacks both days

  • Lunch both days

What do I need to bring?

  • A “beginner’s” mindset

  • Curiosity – be willing to try new things

  • A willingness to embrace ambiguity

  • Collaborative attitude