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Good Health Design is a collaborative design studio at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). As a team of designers and researchers, Good Health Design focuses on how the design of products and services may have a positive impact on people's health and wellbeing.  

Good Health Design enables designers to engage with clinical experts, healthcare professionals as well as researchers from other disciplines, to share and test ideas and develop unique solutions. Good Health Design also provides an “authentic learning” environment where students gain skills, such as problem-solving, and knowledge beyond the classroom by working on real life health and wellbeing challenges. 

Learn more about our projects and research here.

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Good Health Design sits within AUT’s School of Art & Design which is part of the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies. Our school is ranked among the top art and design schools in the world, making AUT the best place to develop the skills and mind-set you need to sharpen your creative voice.